"My relationship was making me stressed, depressed

...and bald!"

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Are you in a relationship that you no longer desire?
Is your partner clingy, jealous, controlling, and manipulative?
Do you keep trying end it, but can't because you fear hurting her?
Do you kick yourself when you see amazing women pass by, because you’re trapped with someone who makes you unhappy?

Your partner isn't necessarily a bad person, but your relationship is toxic.

Many men gradually come to find that their partner is a control freak, emotionally abusive, or even has an undiagnosed mental disorder (such as bipolar or narcissistic personality disorder).  It's OK to stay with a flawed partner that has some challenges, but you have a right to leave any relationship that drives you crazy.

In fact, it's your obligation to leave such a relationship; staying out of guilt, fear or pity is never good for either partner.

Stop Suffering and Wasting Your Time

The type of relationship you're in is not healthy. It's emotionally draining and leads to nothing but persistent stress. But I'm sure I don't need to tell you  that. You know first-hand: 

The constant tension in your head
The tightening of your stomach when she's mad
Having your words and actions criticized and turned against you
Feeling your nerves jump at her bouts of irrational anger and jealousy

That Kind of Relationship is Never  Fun, Loving or (least of all) Sexy

In fact, the chronic stress from such a toxic relationships can put your health at risk, and you may already be familiar with the symptoms:  Frequent headaches, digestive problems (including ulcers), chronic fatigue, sleep problems, depression, and premature aging, balding...

That's right, balding...

But it's not just the stress. How much have you sacrificed in your personal, financial and career life for this relationship? Are you going to continue to stay out of fear?

No matter how clingy she is...
No matter how guilty you feel...
No matter how scared you are...
No matter how much you think she's going to freak out...


I'm Michael Freeman, and I've helped hundreds of men in this difficult area through personal consultation, scores of articles, hundreds of advice column replies, and especially, my A Way Out ebook.

 I'm Opening the Door for You, Giving You the Tools to Leave

Are you going to retreat into your unhealthy relationship, or are you going to step through that door and get your life back? Without guilt.Without fear.

I wrote this ebook to lead you step-by-step, showing you exactly what's going on, and exactly how you're going to leave.   "A Way Out" is your fool-proof guide, and it's based on my extensive research and knowledge, including:

A Master's in the social sciences
Interviews with multiple mental health professionals (two Ph.D.s, a Marriage and Family Therapists, and a Psy.D.)
15 years study of psychology

...and my own past experience feeling stuck in an unhealthy relationship

This is the Only Book of its Kind, and It's for Guys Like You and Me

We're "nice guys," and never want to hurt anyone
We're sensitive to the feelings of others
We have a strong sense of obligation, and often put others ahead of yourself
We avoid conflict and  sometimes have trouble asserting ourselves

Unfortunately, it's characteristics like these that get us trapped, and can keep us in relationships that we should have ended a long time ago.  How long have you been planning to leave: 4 weeks? 6 months? 2 years? More??

After reading this book, if you DO decide to stay in your relationship after, you're doing it because you consciously choose to stay - not because you're too guilty or fearful to leave.

And if you want to leave, this ebook will help you precisely plan your breakup and leave with confidence.  You'll de activate the conditioning that is keeping you stuck.

Reading This Will  Feel Like a Helicopter Airlift Out of Your Bad Relationship

helicopter airlift

Here's a sample of some of the things you'll learn:

How to get over the emotional paralysis that keeps you from taking action...19
How to identify the ten big unconscious and unhealthy reasons why you may be staying...17
How to make a firm decision, and stand by it (No more giving in to the flip-flopping that overtakes you!)...13
The one thing you can do to cut to the chase and finally break-up...page 22
Ways to stop her manipulation and attempts to control you...page 27-28
How to counter her attempts to paint you as the bad guy...28
Most of all: My "8 Steps to a Free Man." These fool-proof instructions will guide you from being stuck to breaking up.

The ebook is 30-pages, with no fluff or filler — only exactly what you need to know to get you UNSTUCK.

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Only you know if you're ready to move on with your life...

However, after dealing with guys like you (and me!) for several years, I know one thing: If you don't make the decision to do something right now, there's a very small chance that you're going to do anything about it in the near future. 

In other words, if you refuse to even explore your fear of breaking up, you will be probably stay in this unhealthy relationship for a long, long time

Everyday You Make a Choice

A) Spend your time, money and energy in an unhealthy relationship

B) Take steps to leave and begin to enjoy your life again

Life is too short to stay in an unhealthy relationship. Get the tools to leave as painlessly as possible.


Michael Freeman, M.A.

P.S. I temporarily discounted the price to only $14.95 for January 2014, so take that added incentive to get the guide during this limited offer.

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P.S. This is your chance to save yourself the months, years or possibly a lifetime in an unhappy relationship.  When you learn the strategies here, you'll get your life back!  

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